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Looking into innovation

Since 2007 we are manufacturers of the leading brand of PVC windows in the Iberian Peninsula.

We work directly for end customers, construction and distribution companies,  architecture and engineering offices.


We manufacture in the present with the future in mind.


Security is one of our main concerns.

Kommerling systems obtain the best ratings for Water tightness and Wind resistance, thus being among the best solutions for doors and windows.


50 years of useful life. 10-year warranty.

The windows of Albergo Ospizio Bernina, located in the Swiss Alps at more than 2,300 m above sea level, have maintained, for 25 years, all their insulation and mechanical functioning qualities, without oxidation or color loss, even with extreme temperature conditions, wind and ultraviolet radiation.

Thermal Efficiency

The greater the efficiency, the better the comfort and the economy.

The measurement of thermal insulation is done using the Uw value. When this value reaches 1.5 W / m2K, energy expenditure is optimized and consumption in heating is reduced by 40% and in air conditioning by 32%, according to a study by Andimat (2012). Kommerling systems can reach values up to 0.7 W / m2K, more than double the "great"!

Acoustic Efficiency

Outdoor noise reduction for a calmer and healthier environment.

A window with standard glass should achieve a minimum of 30 dB of noise reduction, aluminum windows can only reach an average of 24 dB.

Our systems obtain values from 32 dB to 48 dB (with RolaPlus).

Finishes and colors

Your project is unique, and we have a system to make it a reality.

The perfect choice is easier when more than 100 colors are available with smooth, metallic or wooden finishes.


100% Recyclable, produced with certified environmental management

The Greenline seal guarantees production without heavy metals, such as lead, and incorporates ecological stabilizers.


There is a solution for all types of situations.

Kommerling 76

Premidor 76

A 76 mm profile with 6 watertight chambers and triple center "gasket". Sound reduction up to 47 dB.

Sliding profile system: 179 mm frame, 5 air chambers and 76 mm sheet. Sound reduction up to 48 dB.



State-of-the-art profiles where the sheet is hidden. Very thin profiles that allow more light to enter.

Sliding profile system with 80 mm frame, 3 air chambers and 54 mm sheet.


Parallel Oscillation

70 mm profile system, 5 air chambers and steel reinforcement. It allows several thicknesses of glass.

A combination of the sliding and side opening systems, which allows smooth and quiet sliding.

Harmonium (Foldable)

System of profiles for doors and windows with lateral axis on the left or right.

Rolaplus shutters

Lifting system with reinforced thermal insulation, allows acoustic reductions up to 50 dB.

And for different types of use.


For doors and windows with lateral axis on the left or right.


For windows with central axis and with the advantage of space optimizing.

vertical folding

The classic opening with vertical axis on the left or right, for doors and windows.

Horizontal folding

Opening with horizontal axis, ideal for ventilation tasks.


Perimeter slide with brush seal for doors and windows.


Combines foldable opening and slide with double "joint" closure.

Lift runner

The leaf rises on the axis. For large sliding doors.

Foldable (Harmonium)

For doors and windows with lateral axis on the left or right.

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